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Maono AME2 Sound Card Maonocaster Audio Interface Podcast Equipment Studio All-In-One Mixer for Live Streaming, Guitar, PC

Maono AME2 Sound Card Maonocaster Audio Interface Podcast Equipment Studio All-In-One Mixer for Live Streaming, Guitar, PC

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Step into the world of podcasting, recording, and mixing with the Maono AME2 Sound Card, the ideal setup for your audio needs.

High-Quality Condenser Microphone:
Experience studio-quality sound with a Dia.25mm condenser microphone. The XLR-3.5mm connection ensures greater compatibility, and a sturdy microphone stand opens up a world of possibilities for your recording setup.

Multifunctional Audio Interface - Maonocaster Lite:
The Maono AME2 includes the Maonocaster Lite, a versatile audio interface with a range of features to elevate your audio production.

8 Pre-loaded Sound Effects: Explore a variety of pre-loaded sound effects to enhance your content.
4 User-Custom Sound Effects: Personalize your sound effects for a unique touch to your recordings.
4 Pitch Changer: Experiment with pitch changes to add creativity to your audio.
Multi-People and Multi-Devices Simultaneous Live Streaming: Collaborate seamlessly with multiple people and devices for live streaming.
Mixing, Monitoring, and Equalizer: Take control of your audio with mixing, monitoring, and equalizer functions.
Bluetooth Connectivity for Music Accompaniment: Easily integrate music accompaniment into your content with Bluetooth connectivity.

Multiple Outputs: Output up to three devices simultaneously, giving you more possibilities for your audio setup.

Maonocaster Lite - Your All-in-One Audio Solution:
The Maonocaster Lite is a specially designed, feature-rich, and entertaining audio sound card. It serves as a microphone interface, a mixer, and an interesting tone converter – all in one. With a plug-and-play setup, it focuses on making it easy for you to deliver valuable and engaging content to interact with your audience.

Embark on your podcasting and recording journey with the Maono AME2 Sound Card and MAONOCASTER LITE, your comprehensive audio solution for creativity and entertainment.


Brand Name: Maono

Origin: Mainland China


Transducer: Condenser Microphone

Set Type: Single Microphone

Polar Patterns: Cardioid

Microphone: XLR Condenser

Max SPL: 12OdB (1K,THD 0.5%)


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