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Machenike G5 Pro Elite Gamepad Wireless Gaming Controller Hall Trigger Joystick

Machenike G5 Pro Elite Gamepad Wireless Gaming Controller Hall Trigger Joystick

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Machenike G5 Pro Elite Gamepad Wireless Gaming Controller Hall Trigger Joystick - Elevate Your Gaming Experience

Immerse yourself in the world of gaming with the Machenike G5 Pro Elite Gamepad, a wireless gaming controller designed to deliver precise and responsive gameplay. Featuring hall-linear trigger buttons, mecha-tactile buttons, and a range of advanced features, this controller is the ultimate gaming companion.

Key Features:

Hall-Linear Trigger Button Type:
Experience gaming precision with the hall-linear trigger button type, providing a responsive and accurate gaming experience. Enjoy a tactile feel with every press for enhanced control.

Wireless 2.4G Interface:
Say goodbye to cords and cables with the wireless 2.4G interface, ensuring a stable and reliable connection. Enjoy the freedom to move without restrictions for an immersive gaming session.

Compatible with Multiple Platforms:
Versatility is at your fingertips with compatibility across multiple platforms, including Nintendo, PC, and Android/iOS. Whether you're gaming on a console, computer, or mobile device, the G5 Pro Elite Gamepad has you covered.

Mecha-Tactile Buttons:
Engage in gameplay with mecha-tactile buttons that provide a tactile and responsive feel. Elevate your gaming experience with buttons that respond to your every command.

Full Hall Sensing Effect Joystick:
Experience pixel-level micro-movements, eliminate drift, and enjoy silky smooth and durable joystick performance.

Full Hall Sensing Effect Trigger:
Engage in electromagnetic trigger control with precision linear response for silky smooth operation during intense gaming sessions.

Full Mecha-Tactile Buttons:
Action buttons, D-pad, and dual back buttons provide a mecha-tactile experience, enhancing your overall gaming satisfaction.

Play Across Devices:
Whether on PC, Nintendo Switch, TV, phone, or in-vehicle infotainment systems, the G5 Pro Elite Gamepad offers universal compatibility.

Dynamic RGB Flowing Light Strip:
Elevate your gaming setup with various lighting effects, customizable to match your style.

Dual-Core Elite Back Buttons:
Program your own macros using the G5 Pro proprietary software, executing up to 32-hit combo actions effortlessly and gaining an edge over opponents.

6-Axis Gyroscope Motion Mapping:
Optimize your FPS gameplay with zero dead zone precision using the assisted Hall effect joystick. Fine-tune your aim with pixel-level accuracy, thanks to the 6-axis gyroscope motion mapping.

PC/TV Shortcut Mastery:
Turn your game controller into a computer mouse or TV remote, making it easier to play PC games on your big 4K TV.

Step into a new dimension of gaming with the Machenike G5 Pro Elite Gamepad, where precision, responsiveness, and advanced features redefine your gaming experience.




Brand Name: Machenike

Origin: Mainland China

- Hall Effect Sensing Joysticks
- Hall Effect Sensing Triggers
- Mechanical Switch D-Pad
- Motion-Sensing Support
- Dual Programmable Rear Buttons
- Supports PCs, Switch, Smartphones, Android TVs, Tablets, Car Multimedia Systems
- Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4GHz, Wired Connections
- Proprietary Software for Programming
- NS One-Button Wake Up
- Translucent Magnet Faceplate Cover
- Customizable RGB Lights

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