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Full HD DSLR HD Digital Camera

Full HD DSLR HD Digital Camera

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Capture the world in stunning detail with the Full HD DSLR HD Digital Camera, designed for vlogging enthusiasts and photography enthusiasts alike. 

Packed with features to enhance your shooting experience, this compact camera ensures that every moment is captured with precision and clarity.

Key Features:

Built-in Flashlight: Adapt to various scenes effortlessly with the built-in flashlight that can be easily activated or hidden as needed. Adjust the ISO setting for optimal performance in low-light environments, offering versatility in any shooting condition.

Versatile Functions: This mini camera boasts a range of functions, including Selfie mode, continuous shooting, one-key mute, white balance adjustment, timestamp, DISP (bright/off-screen display interface), and external expansion card support. Enjoy the flexibility to customize your shots according to your preferences.

Long Battery Life: The included 1500mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery ensures extended shooting sessions. Additionally, the camera supports recording while charging, making it ideal for prolonged use. Pause video recording with a simple press of the "OK" button and resume seamlessly.

Scene Selection and Filters: Explore creative expression with 8 scene selections and 16 filter effects in both photo and video modes. Choose your favorite scenes and effects before capturing stunning visuals, adding a touch of uniqueness to your content.

Built-in Microphone and Speaker: The digital camera features a built-in microphone and speaker, offering enhanced audio capture and playback. Connect the camera to your computer via the included micro USB cable to use it as a webcam for live streaming on platforms like YouTube or Facebook.

Seamless File Transfer: Easily transfer files from the camera to your computer using the included USB cable. Simply select "PC CAM" mode and initiate real-time streaming or file transfer, ensuring hassle-free connectivity.

Unleash your creativity with the Full HD DSLR HD Digital Camera – your perfect companion for capturing life's moments with clarity, style, and ease.



Optical Zoom: 17x - 30x
Sensor Element Type: CMOS
MegaPixel: > 24.0MP
Special Feature: Lens-Style Cameras
Sensor Size (inches): 1/3.2 inches
Image Stabilization: Double Image Stabilization
Image Resolution (Video): Full HD (1920x1080)
Focal Length: 55 - 110mm
Display Size: 2" - 3"
Recording Format: Picture: JPEG Video: AVI Audio:WAV
Viewfinder Type: SLR
Memory Card Type: SD Card
Set Type: Double-Scene Sets

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